James Poetzscher

James Poetzscher: Co-Founder of Checkmate COVID and Founder of Greenhouse Maps

James is the co-founder of Checkmate COVID and, together with his friends Jack and Felix, is using his interest in chess, entrepreneurship, and programming, to aid COVID-19 relief efforts. James strongly believes that everyone in the world has a responsibility to be socially aware of what is happening with the COVID-19 pandemic and to do what they can to help.

In addition to his fundraising efforts at Checkmate COVID, James is also the founder of Greenhouse Maps, a website that maps and displays greenhouse gases and atmospheric pollution. He has experience working with satellite data and a strong understanding of atmospheric chemistry. James's work on the topic has been featured in some of the top media outlets. He is currently conducting scientific research in atmospheric chemistry using satellite data and has submitted his first paper for peer-review.

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