By donating to Checkmate COVID, you help us raise money for COVID-19 relief. All donations go entirely to the tournament's winner who then donates all winnings to an approved COVID-19 charity of their choice. Help us raise more money to support COVID-19 relief efforts by donating below. We are really grateful for donations of any amount!


As a sponsor of the tournament your contribution would go entirely towards the winner of the tournament who would then donate their winnings to a coronavirus relief charity of their choice such as the United Way COVID relief fund or to the New York Student Lunch Program. 

Your organization would be featured as one of the sponsors on this  website and would be included in the tournament's name. 

If you would like to sponsor future Checkmate COVID chess tournaments please fill out the form below. We would be delighted to add more tournament sponsors!  


These are the approved COVID-19 relief charities that our tournament prize winners will be donating to.

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